Wednesday, November 29, 2006

All This For A Blog?

In 2003 we went to Borders for the midnight sale of the new Harry Potter book. My Husband walks in and loudly says "All this for a Book!" Last night I had the same thought but change book to blog. I was at MyBlogLog looking for this blog that looks like a magazine. I saw it once and now I can't find it. Somewhere I clicked on Pro Blogger. Nice site but what caught my eye was this post "I'm a Six Figure Blogger." As I read the post the laptop was the only thing keeping me from rolling off the bed. Today I realised that the post was from last year too. God knows what he's making this year. He does have to deal with the whole taxes thing but no dry cleaning. No driving in rush hour traffic. He can sit in his underwear telling others how to make money on their blogs and make six figures. How wild is that.

So I guess the question is, if Shakespeare was alive now would he write books or would he just blog?
Be safe...
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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

At the Party

When you go to a party do you walk in as yourself or as the world wants you to be? Boy that's a question. Do you put your PC (politically correct) attitude into place. Are you that way when you go shopping or while driving your car? I wonder!

I thought to write about this after reading "The Zero Boss" thoughts on going to parties and not being able to talk about sports. His post upset me because I think Jay is a interesting dude and if nobody wants to talk to him then they'll never talk to me. I'm nuttier then a fruit cake but sometimes I just act that way because people bore me. Yes people bore me at parties. They talk about the same ol' crap or just the crap they want you to know. Job, Car, Dog, House, Kids and then wife! Why is that? On our Blogs we have conversations of a sort. We share thoughts, ideas, hardships and even lucky breaks but face to face we turn into PC person with PC party talk.

Talking doesn't require a condom but maybe a tictac.

Be safe...

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Parts!

People get new parts these days. My Mom has a new knee. However living in Texas I see more New Boobs and New Faces. What you chooses to do to yourself is your problem. My question is how am I to act around the new you.

Three years back I worked with a lady that was 50 years old and she had some work done while I worked with her. For her age she didn't look bad anyway. She told me that her weight had always been a problem for her and she didn't want to end up like others in her family. I was the skinny one in my family so I understood where she was coming from. She spent a bunch of money and went through a lot of pain. When she came back to work her eyes watered all the time and she looked the same to me.

When she first came back to work I didn't know how to act around her. I didn't want to stare. On day 3 I told her "Stand up and let me see the whole deal". She laugh at me. I told her she looked Great but she looked great before too. I told a big fat lie. She looked the same. The rumors about her at work were pretty nasty.

Now if I had the big bucks and didn't care about a lot of pain there is some work I'd have done to myself. No it would not be new boobs or new face. I have a sister that has big boobs and I know what they have done to her. She can't move! She could have had them made smaller but her husband told her No! But he doesn't live the back pain that she lives with.

I've given birth to 4 kids that weighted 9lbs and then some. So my stomach is the part I'd like to have fixed but they can only do so much. So I guess at my age I'll live with it! LOL

Be safe...

Friday, November 24, 2006


Thanksgiving happened and I made it! Yeah for me. Ok by the end of the day a big bottle of wine helped me live through it. Monkey thought I was pretty funny on the phone last night. I only drank to the funny stage not the I know everything stage.

I was very thankful I passed out and the day was over. I didn't want to think about another thing. My body decided it would be funny to give me weird dreams last night. In my dream I was writing stuff down and making a big pile of papers. Then these people came along and started sticking them in their heads. I kept telling them to stop but they didn't. I think I was designing jewelry somewhere in the dream too. Weird!

I've been worried about People lately. Today I don't feel that worry. Hmmm... I guess all is right with the world today! LOL

My husband gave me a project. I'm to put a video on You Tube and then put it on my test blog. He wants to know if the average wife can do this. Nothing like being a Science Project.

Be safe...

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Monday, November 20, 2006

My Mommy!

I saw my Mommy today. She hasn't seen me for three years and she didn't know it was me at first. LOL Then she told me "your so skinny"! She's just sucking up for a good Christmas gift.

Some time back on the Foo Logs, he was talking about young guys wearing there pants across their butts and old folks wearing their pants below their boobs. After seeing my Mom today I'm wearing my shirts out of my pants from now on. Now everyone thinks I'm mean picking on a 70 something grandma. Really, I'll tell you a little story about what my Mom did to me when I was 21. We were out shopping and I decided I needed to buy some new bras. My Mother and some other lady's in the shop decide that all I really needed was a box of band-aids. Oh they were howling they were laughing so hard. So trust me if I pick on my Mom she has it coming.

Don't worry my Mommy loves me. I'm the only Hell she ever raised! LOL

Be safe...

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

How did that happen?

The Colts lost today just proves my world is about to go down hill. My Mom is somewhere here in Texas on her way to my house. She jinxed the poor Colts. My crazy Texan husband is giving me "Well the Colts must not have been all that". That bastards will wear his Cowboys baseball cap around for a week to piss me off. I'm so on the mud slide down the mountain.

Be safe...

Friday, November 17, 2006


Do you really want to know how many PS3's ebay had for sale?

Last I looked 10221

With a minute to go the bid was $3150 for one PS3!

Can you say couch potato?

Be safe...

Games People Play : Part II

My sons can tell you how much I hate video games. If I had a dollar for ever time I've said "turn that game off and do your homework" I'd be rich.

I did find the name of the game machine PS3!

News Headline: 1 Shot in Conn. Playstation waiting line.

Later today I'm going to check out how many PS3 ebay has for sale.

I would like to send my Get Well Wishes to the person who was shot.

Tis' the season for the greedy! So watch your back in the coming weeks. At home as well as in public.

Be safe...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Games People Play

Right now here in Texas there are people waiting in line outside Best Buys for the latest and greatest game machine that goes on sale Friday. I don't even know what it's called. One guy said he's going to sale his on ebay. He buys it for about $600 and is hoping to sell it for $2000 on ebay. This wasn't a young kid this dude was my age. He froze his ass off last night too.

How do you make your Money honey?
How do you get your Kicks?

Be safe...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Human Consumption?

See I shouldn't watch the news because I see stories about Horses going to the slaughter house in Mexico for "Human Consumption". They even had video which totally upset me. One horse had seen better times but the rest looked fine to me. The reporter said that one was even pregnant.

I hope you take time to check out these links. Horses help us build this country and we own them better then this.

Be safe...

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It's Windy

It's really windy here today. There is stuff flying around hitting the windows. It's not cold in the house but every time I hear the wind howl I shiver. Tonight it's going to get down to 39 degrees. So I've got to move some plants in and cover a bunch more. They say the wind will be with us till tomorrow morning. Right now I'm hoping they are wrong.

I get a gold star! I worked out today! Last year I worked out 4 times a week. Now I'm doing good to workout once a week. I got sick after Thanksgiving last year and didn't get better till January. After that I didn't feel like working out. Now my bones won't move. I feel like the Tin Man so it's back to working out. You wait all you 20 and 30 somethings you'll get old feeling too. Then you'll understand why I'm giving myself a gold star for today.

Made my husband watch the DaVinci Code last night. I don't think the poor man got the movie and I'm in the dog house for falling asleep. I had watched it already because I couldn't wait. I made the mistake and told him I cried at the end. He really didn't get that. I don't understand how this book or movie could make anyone question their faith. Make you question the history of the bible maybe but it's a good book. Make you question the church? Well hell yes! Churches have done things in "Their" name instead of God's name for years. Have you ever met someone that doesn't believe in God and asked them why. They normally give you the church did this the church did that. The church and your personal faith are two different things. "Big Time"! The movie The DaVinci Code reminds me what Trinity really means...

Be safe...

Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm Mad at Me!

That's right I'm "mad" at myself. I went and did something stupid. No, this was not the first time but it was something I knew better then to do. I committed the sin of using my main email address somewhere. I had just made myself "ThePowerOfTrinity" address to use for stupid stuff and then didn't use it.

For my sin the Internet Demons are punishing me with 250 to 300 spam emails a day. Lucky me!

The good news is that I'm hooked on something new. Perrier with Lemon! Don't ask why but I can't get enough of it. Good stuff.

So are you all getting visions of sugar plums and twinkle lights yet? Or just stressed that the mad shopping Friday will be here very soon. Just remember it's better for your health to be childlike then old bitchy and stressed out.

Be safe...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A day of Thought

I had several uncles that were in the Navy during WWII. One has really stuck to my mind today. He was a salty dog but he lived inland. I never did figure that out. He had a big ass anchor tattoo on his arm. His son was a Navy man too. My cousin took me to see an aircraft carrier once. I was about 13 and I had no idea that ship was that big. I asked him what he did and he said "drive the boat". He said it like he was just driving the ski boat out on the lake. LOL

My father was a drill sergeant in the Army. He poured water down my nose to get me out of bed once. My Dad's favorite saying "it plays hell,he plays hell or you play hell". I've seen the faded scars of war on my Dad's back and I think he was in hell.

Today I also thought about our forefathers. They pitched crates of tea in a bay screaming freedom. They fought their brothers to better a nation and abolish slavery. They opened their arms to others being beaten down by unjust tyrants. Their lives were not easy and still they worked hard.

As we go shopping in the coming days we should ask ourselves where the money is going and who's war machine we could be supplying. It's a small thing that each of us can do to help serve our nation best interest. I'd like to think it will help support the men and women that watch over us.

Be safe...

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Attack of the Green Things!

I had to share these pictures I got the other day. My little green friends. They sunbath on the plants in front of my house. Sometimes they hang out on my big elephant ear plants in the back. Last year I found one sitting on my coffee maker one afternoon. Another one I had to keep in the house till the temperature outside raised before placing him back outside.

While I'm in a sharing mood, try Captain Caveman. The web site got me hooked on the IMDB. Check out his FireFox Extensions. Thinking about it, I need to update my IMDB movie database myself.

Be safe...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Idea File

At my local library people bring in magazines that they don't want for anyone to take. I always bring home arm loads. I use to collect magazines but because of moving I decided to get rid of most of them. So I went through all the magazines and took out pictures and recipes that I wanted to keep. Then I had folders full of unorganized stuff. So then I started using a file folder with dividers to separate out different idea themes.

Then one day with scissors, glue stick and a regular notebook I started making my own magazine. All the ideas I've collected I carefully layout out to form my idea book. (left book) I liked it so much I did one with recipes. (right book) Trinity has made her own book of pictures too. I have been collecting jewelry ideas and plan to make a jewelry idea book soon.

My older daughters name is Lauren. So when going through magazines I started collecting all the Ralph Lauren ads. I cut out the word Lauren and made magnets out of them. My daughter liked them.(the chunky monkey was happy)

Need a cookie?

*Cookie Pie*

1 refrigerated pastry crust 9-inch pie
1/2 C. butter
2 eggs
1/2 C. sugar
1/2 C. brown sugar
1/2 C. flour
1 C. chocolate chips
1 C. walnuts or pecans ( I pick pecans)

Mix everything together adding the nuts and chips last. Put it in the pie shell and cook 325 for about 40-45 minutes. Let it cool for 30 minutes. This recipe came from a Sunset magazine from in the 90's. Enjoy!

Be safe...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Only the Gnomes Know

Please Mr. Gnome tell me how to fix my brain.

Have you ever had one of those days where everything you touched went to hell? Well Today is my day. Ok it started last night. I hope that at the stroke of midnight my life will be back to, well my life has never been normal.

Trinity put on all my undies and bras. I should have taken a picture. It could have been the next Victoria Secret ad. Well the models do get younger or maybe I'm just getting old.

I can't type today. Oh I'm typing real words but they were not the ones that I meant to use. Oh and I even email one person thinking they were someone else.

Called my Mom.
Lora: Did you vote so those sex addict republicans can have a job?
Mom: Yes, yes I did!
Lora: What are you doing?
Mom: We just went to the French Lick Springs Hotel.
Lora: Wow you read my blog and went there.
Mom: No! What's a Blog?

So before I do anymore damage, have a good night.

Be safe...

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Monday, November 06, 2006


MSNBC post: Dolphin reveals an extra set of legs!

That makes me want to ask questions about nuclear testing in the ocean. If Elephants start looking like Mammoths I'm really going to freak. Hmmmmmm...

Be safe...

A Little FrenchLick

Hey Monkey remember this place?

Part II to Moonshine. When I think of Moonshine or make that bootlegging and the state of Indiana The FrenchLick Hotel comes to mind. On the web site the history given sounds like a clean version from the one I remember hearing growing up. Like the story about Al Capone's boys hiding out in the hotel when the heat was on in Chicago. When I was 14 or 15 I walked into a room with some beautiful gaming tables in it. So I have a problem with the history saying there was no gaming after 1949. The history also doesn't tell you that at one time the hotel was called the Lucifer. There were these big devil statues everywhere. It had to do with the Pluto water. I won a satin stuffed devil thing when I was a kid there.

The last time I was there the FrenchLick Hotel was run down. It was nothing like the glory it was when I was a child. My kids had fun there anyway. At the time they were working on getting the gaming licence and talking about a complete restoration. As I looked at the picture on their web site I was over joyed to see that they did it. The West Baden Hotel has been drought back to what it once was. Now that folks is a building.

I hope you check out these links and do some research yourselves. You need to relax and get away from city life then you should make the trip there. Back in the 90's Ozzy use to stay there when he was doing concerts in Indy, Evansville and Louisville. While your there you can check out the house that Larry Bird grew up in. Or you might see him driving his truck down the road.

Be safe...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Just a Little Shine

Well last night was National Write Drunk Night. So checking your reader this morning might bring some interesting stories. The word Moonshine has been stuck in my head. It has brought images of Granny on the “Beverly Hillbillies” to mind. You know she had the recipe for some strange brew. When I was younger from time to time I’d hear stories of people walking in the woods and coming across an old still. There would be talk about coming across an old bootleggers shack while out mushroom hunting.

When I was about 16 years old, I got to see what Moonshine was. I think if I remember right, it was in a Ball jar not a Mason jar. It had the metal canning lid on it and it looked like water. I was told very strongly not to pick it up. I did however smell the liquid concoction. It shot my eyes back in my head and burned my nose. I was not stupid enough to taste it.

Here are a few links if you’d like to know more about Moonshine.
Be safe...

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

I need to share!

I'm Loving the Foo Logs.
I love the look of this blog. The writing is smart and I enjoy reading it. Please go over and try out the "An Elemental Question".

And while I was at the FooLogs I found something else. Go check out Happy and Blue 2 and watch the video "Still Another Video". All you cat and dog lovers will get a laugh.

Walker has a new post up. Ohhh I was eating chocolate cake while looking at the post and now I'm sick to my stomach. It's not gross it's just weird.... And look who's been over at Walkers but Peter who I like to think of as the King of Dirty Old Man Jokes. The link is to his profile. You enter at your own risk. Ok I like the "plugged into a genius" joke.

Be safe...

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Ok Who Was That?

What is this world coming to! People getting on my blog, talking about being naked and then they say "Old" like being old is bad.

Found something I want to "Share".
Wait let me open the ziplock baggy.
Ok check out the
Demo Reel

Be safe...

Wondering how this works!

Don't mind me I'm playing with something here.

So please don't look at me half naked standing behind this blog thingy. (you quit looking, I'm old, leave me alone)

I'm just testing something. Hey and bonus it works.

Love me...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fall Beads

Wow! Want to see some great Lampwork Beads? Kab's Creative Concepts(who also makes great lampwork beads) had this wonderful link on her blog Anastasia Beads! The Autumn Garden beads remind me of the paper weight I've had since I was 8. I like those blown glass paper weights. I have a few.

When I think about blown glass I always think of Dale Chihuly. Ok I fell in love with his swimming pool. That is truly making a statement with Glass.

I also found another beader from MyBlogLog. Her name is Izel Ang and her blog is Chain of Beads. Make sure you check out her web site too.

If you haven't noticed Eni Oken is on blogger now. So if your using a reader you might want to add her.

Lets see what going on in the neighborhood: Lone Beader is Zooming along with her truck, the Eph Word is doing art history, Bejigged has a beautiful necklace called "Spirals" that I'm liking, the Blue Dress is showing how she makes those super clasp, and Marie Cristine is just making great jewelry like always. What am I doing? Hmmmmmm...

Be safe...

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I think I need to be in the picture. Well it would be better then reading anything having to do with politics. Yuck!

Which wing are you?

Makes me want to ask if they have Dry Weave? I'm sorry I'm a human and I don't have wings. I have opinions. We might not always agree but that's what makes us humans. Shit allow people to have opinions and don't bully them down when they don't match yours.

We have moved up in the world I guess. When this country first started we were thought of as Farmers with Pitch Forks and now we have Wings. But make that only one wing. You either have a left one or a right one. Hell we don't even get a complete set of wings. Sounds like we should all be on the island for misfit toys.

See I voiced my opinion and that's what makes me, Me!

Be safe...and watch your wings

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