Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Parts!

People get new parts these days. My Mom has a new knee. However living in Texas I see more New Boobs and New Faces. What you chooses to do to yourself is your problem. My question is how am I to act around the new you.

Three years back I worked with a lady that was 50 years old and she had some work done while I worked with her. For her age she didn't look bad anyway. She told me that her weight had always been a problem for her and she didn't want to end up like others in her family. I was the skinny one in my family so I understood where she was coming from. She spent a bunch of money and went through a lot of pain. When she came back to work her eyes watered all the time and she looked the same to me.

When she first came back to work I didn't know how to act around her. I didn't want to stare. On day 3 I told her "Stand up and let me see the whole deal". She laugh at me. I told her she looked Great but she looked great before too. I told a big fat lie. She looked the same. The rumors about her at work were pretty nasty.

Now if I had the big bucks and didn't care about a lot of pain there is some work I'd have done to myself. No it would not be new boobs or new face. I have a sister that has big boobs and I know what they have done to her. She can't move! She could have had them made smaller but her husband told her No! But he doesn't live the back pain that she lives with.

I've given birth to 4 kids that weighted 9lbs and then some. So my stomach is the part I'd like to have fixed but they can only do so much. So I guess at my age I'll live with it! LOL

Be safe...


Walker said...

My SIL got a new set of boobs.
She came over to show me.
All I could say was they are nice but the left nipple looks a little off.
My brother told me the next day she spent the whole day infront of the mirror looking at it or out in the open having him take close looks at it to see if it was centered.
Am I happy with the way I look?
I am now, I have lost 70 pounds and wouldn;t mind loosing 20 more but other than that, bumb kneee and all I will just keep what I have.
VBesides I want my friends to recognize me :)

Have a nice day

Lora_3 said...

Walker your so screwing with me. Your brother doesn't care if your looking at his wifes boobs? My husband would be putting me in the trunk of a car. And not in a nice still breathing way.

There's a web site full of pictures of bad boob jobs. Yeah those should make anyone think twice.

70 pounds! Sounds like Mr. Sex Talk has been doing more then just talking about it. Everybody knews that sex is a great way to lose weight.

Walker I'm your friends and I wouldn't recognize you if you walked up and smacked me on the ass.

Be safe...

Miachelle said...

It's a shame the co-workers had nothing better to do than to spread bad rumors about your friend. She did what she felt was right for her-personally, if it had been me, I'd tell them all to go stuff it!

I have a few cosmetic procedures I'd like to have done, related to acne scarring. Boobs? I thought about it, but the possibility of of bad boobs is scary, not to mention at some point you need "maintenance" done on them, which is probably a the chest.