Monday, March 27, 2006

Ahhhhh...a glass of Wine!

Ok I call this day over. My kitchen is a mess but this moms work day is over!

Everyone deals with stress differently. I read romance novels. I laugh at this. Going to some other place helps me to hold it together. Some years back, during a very dark time in my life I spent a week in my bedroom reading books. (The Outlander by Diana Gabaldon) I know that time and book saved my life and kept me from going to jail. Wow maybe someday I'll write about that pain but not today.

Well it's raining here in Texas and here I thought Texans couldn't buy rain. Today I'm missing home. Indiana to me is home. Ok redneck heaven. My husband likes to call me a redneck but he's from Texas so what does he know. I posted on a blog about Hoosier gyms today. Yeah I love Indiana gyms. I've spent some time in them. I saw a picture of Hinkle Fieldhouse and had tears in my eyes. (Bloomfield vs Warsaw) That would be girls basketball. Ok that was 30 years ago. But for the small town of Bloomfield it was big shit. Man I miss home. A home sick middle aged woman is crazy.

Tomorrow! Well for this family it could mean everything. So have good thoughts for me tomorrow. Oh please grant me the power to find my cats collar too!(Gee it's been a day)

Be Safe

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Reliving History...

My son has been driving me crazy with rock history. As in Rock&Roll history. I guess in middle school it's cool to be up on these facts. He just asked me "What's up with the soap in the movie Fight Club"? Questions. I took him to the library yesterday and loaded him down with books on The Beatles, Jim Morrison, and Bob Dylan. Good place to start. Somehow I think he's trying to figure out the 60's and 70's. Well I grew up trying to understand the 50's and a poodle skirt. I remember man walking on the moon, protest marches on the news, Watergate hearings, and music. What I can't explain is why someone shot John Lennon on the sidewalk or why Jim Morisson took drugs until they killed him. Going over the lyric of "Masters of War" by Bob Dylan I had to ask some questions myself. How would our current government take a song written like that today? Where are the protest songs of this generation? Please tell me its not the song that won the Oscar this year. What major singer/song writer wants to tell the US government that this WAR is Wrong? Yeah...that answer isn't blowin in the wind. Maybe we could get Henry Rollins to sing the protest song. I think it would be more fun to lock Bush and Hank in a closet for 15 minutes. Bush would come out with his ears ringing and spit down the front of his suit. Hold on, back to this generations protest song. What are the fine points going to be? Now here's where it gets hard. Think about it, what statements would you put in the song? For me I don't want to relive history. As a child in the early 70's I remember dead soldiers on the TV, in the newspaper and here it is 2006 same thing. Bringing back the clothing from the 70's is bad enough. Well I guess we can just imagine!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Self Help Books or Blogs

Ok you could go to B&N and buy a self help book or you could surf the Blogs! You want to yell at a government, hey join the party. If you have a great need for plane tickets to someplace different, your there. You think your alone, grab your keyboard, your with friends. In need of a laugh well the blogs are your place. Now if we could just fix the world.

I was out to save the world this weekend. On Friday I read the Craigslist "wanted" section. Found a few things I could do to help. I even sold something for a real loss and I feel great about it. It's been a warm wild weekend.

Be Safe

Saturday, March 11, 2006

So This Is How It's Done!

My husband has been telling me "Do A Blog". Ok so I'm trying.

Trinity is my 2 year old daughter who keeps me in line. I picked the pink on this site for her. Pink is her signature color. But she's no priss. Hard as I try the kid loves "Dirt".

Yes, I'm a stay at home "Mom". Don't worry I'm sure I can shake this up and make you think from time to time. Maybe you can leave me a comment to get me thinking.

Be Safe...

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