Monday, September 25, 2006

My aunt brought this coin back from China years ago. My Russian friend told me it was a fake. What ever it is I decided to finally do something with it. It's not finished. I just took the picture to see what I thought. The coin has more brown to it then the picture shows.

Something that's heavy on my mind: Last Friday a teacher on her way to school, drove her car around a stopped school bus, that had it's lights flashing and hit a little boy. Reports say that she might have been on her cell phone at the time. I own a cell phone but I do not use a cell phone. At one time in my life I was one of the leading sellers of cell phones in Southern Indiana. So my choice of not using a cell phone is ironic. I ask that each an every person that reads this thinks when using their cell phone while driving their car. Accidents can and will happen. Yours and the lives of others are more important them any cell phone conversation.

On a happier note Curious George and The Lake House come out on DVD tomorrow. So I know what I'm doing tomorrow. Also I found a cool beader blogger "Fox Hollow Jewelry Design". Go check her out.

Be safe...

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Last Day of Summer!

Ok, it's the last day of the lazy crazy days of Summer. So breath deep, relax and enjoy. Christmas is right around the corner. For me, stress begins the week of Thanksgiving. My Mom and Dad are coming to Texas! So I'm going to party down on Halloween and then clean the house til they get here. You think I'm kidding !

Not everyone ends their summer like The Lone Beader!

Another great picture from my friends Jodi and Bill.

Be safe...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Make it in Silver

Yes I need to make this in Silver and with better beads. Thank you Trinity for modeling this bracelet for me.
I'm glad you can't see the back because the clasp that I made is really bad. I need to figure out if I'm going to make this as a bangle or a bracelet with a clasp.

Be safe...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I did this Too Fast...

First I need to work on the picture taking thing. LOL Ok (not a great picture)this was one of the first necklaces I made. There are 2 other necklaces that go with it. I have one of them on now. Everyone says this necklace looks very Victorian.

I made the necklace about two weeks ago. I hate the clasp but I like the necklace. Some of my jewelry I've named like my "cherry bomb" earrings but sometimes a name doesn't come to me.

Ok well this was a test. Now my husband will have a reason to buy a new camera. I was afraid of that.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

L is for...

L is for Lazy! I think that describes me of late. I've been down right Lazy. I've watched Season 3, 4 & 5 of Gilmore Girls and the first season of House. I love getting season shows on DVD at the Library.

This big "L" reminds me of the word verifications that we use on our blogs. I got a really hard one the other day and I felt like it was mocking me. "Here dyslexic girl, figure this one out!"

Picture from

Be safe...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just Thinking

My friend Jodi shared her New York trip pictures with me today. I asked if I could use some for my blog. They took a bunch of pictures of Lady Liberty but this is the one I liked. Did Lady Liberty just say "Screw with me and I'll stick this torch up your ass!" I can only hear right out of one ear, maybe I heard her wrong.

I didn't want to think about 9..11 this year just like I didn't want to hear about it 5 years ago. 5 years ago my life was a totally out of wack. I had just made my ex husband move out of my house, my daughter Lauren was living with my mother, I had started a new job and I was trying to explain why daddy didn't live here anymore to my sons. I got a phone call that day at 9 something and the person asked me what city I was in. Why I asked and then I got the news. At first I thought about the Oklahoma City bombing and that 9/11 was a white boys sick joke. When I got home that night from work I gave myself a 1 hour time limit on watching the news. I don't think I could take more then 30 minutes. After getting the boys off to bed I realized I was shaking. My life had gone to hell and now the world. I cryed, read a book and some how went to bed.

Two days later while at work some nut around Bloomington Indiana decide to take out his personal plane. I don't remember if it was 2 fighter jets or 3 forced him to the small Bloomington airport a few miles away. I won't even bring up the noise but watching jets making hard turns right above my head flipped me out. My whole body was shaking again. That Friday the place I worked at fired over 100 people. I didn't get fired and I was Thankful. I was also still shaking.

That Sunday I went to church to hear a bunch of people talk about taking care of their own. Yes the good old rednecks from Indiana had visions of Red Dawn. Well I stopped shaking that day. I got pissed. I was Thankful I was alive and didn't understand people talking about guns in church. I really couldn't handle it and I haven't been back to church since then.

5 years ago my life was a mess but I'm Thankful I wasn't in New York City. That's the truth. The people that did live through those tuff days are stronger then me.

I'd like to thank Jodi & Bill for the picture!

Be safe...

Monday, September 11, 2006

I've got the Teacher's Book!

I've stepped up in the world. I finally got the Fire Mountain Catalog. I feel like I got the answers to the big final exam. It's more fun shopping for beads while the 3 year old (Trinity) plays in her sand box. Wow!

Be safe...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Here and Now

Hey did everybody have a good Labor Day Weekend? Well I hope so. Are you counting how many more days til Christmas yet? Trinity is. She either tells you Happy Birthday or Happy Christmas.

Please go over the the "Single Cool Moms" blog and read her letter to Mrs. Irwin. I bring this to attention because I've read some "nasty crap" on other blogs today. Just a little reminder don't hold that microscope to other peoples lives unless you want that microscope held to yours.

I think Steve Irwin lived his life and faced fears that most of us wouldn't have touched. He will be missed.

Be safe...

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