Monday, September 25, 2006

My aunt brought this coin back from China years ago. My Russian friend told me it was a fake. What ever it is I decided to finally do something with it. It's not finished. I just took the picture to see what I thought. The coin has more brown to it then the picture shows.

Something that's heavy on my mind: Last Friday a teacher on her way to school, drove her car around a stopped school bus, that had it's lights flashing and hit a little boy. Reports say that she might have been on her cell phone at the time. I own a cell phone but I do not use a cell phone. At one time in my life I was one of the leading sellers of cell phones in Southern Indiana. So my choice of not using a cell phone is ironic. I ask that each an every person that reads this thinks when using their cell phone while driving their car. Accidents can and will happen. Yours and the lives of others are more important them any cell phone conversation.

On a happier note Curious George and The Lake House come out on DVD tomorrow. So I know what I'm doing tomorrow. Also I found a cool beader blogger "Fox Hollow Jewelry Design". Go check her out.

Be safe...


Teresa said...

I love that necklace!

I want to see The Lake House, too. BUt I am not a fan of watching movies by myself.

Stacie said...

Your necklace looks the Chinese Coin...the color and texture of the beads is just right. Good photo too! Thanks for checking out my blog, and I will now put your blog in my daily look throughs...The Fire Mountain Catalog is like going thru the Sears Catalog when we were kids and putting down catalog numbers for Christmas, isn't it? You're welcome to stop by my place anytime and give me some pointers...Have a great Week!

The Lone Beader said...

I like the Chinese coin. Very cool.

Also, you're so right about cell phones. Another thing to mention is DON'T use one while you're pumping gas. Some kid was doing this last nite at the gas pump next to me.. .He could've blown the whole place up:(