Thursday, May 31, 2007

Catting Around

I'm a little strange and this will prove it. The Elephant toy was one of Trinity's baby toys. The different shape holes have always intrigued Sasha my cat. So me being the big brain that I am, decided to put Sasha's dry cat food in the elephant. This is a big plus because Sasha is eating more dry food which is good for her teeth.

I have no clue why I share this!

Be safe...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Safety Net

My husband and I had an almost heated discussion about MySpace finally policing their sites and turning over information to the authorities. My husband has the ideology that the web was the last free frontier and that big brother doesn't need to be tracking us there. Come on, it's not like I don't understand his point.

On this mornings news they told the story about a young girl who has turned into a Internet Star. She wasn't looking for stardom but someone put her picture on the internet and now she's everywhere. She's a very pretty girl so it's not hard to understand why this happened. I'm just glad I'm not her parents. Back in the 1950's parents didn't have to worry about their children being hunted down for a picture or God only knows what else. Is this the downside to living in a media age? There were high hopes that the internet would make us smarter. Guess we fooled them.

About ten years ago I heard the story about a guy that had a web site where he in detail told how he was going to kill this girl. The web site was up for over a year when he finally carried out what he had planned. I believe he also killed himself. The girls parents had to take the ISP to court to get them to take down the web site. Ok I rest my case.

If you have friends that are encroaching on other peoples personnel space and breaking picture copyright law for their blogs or web sites, smack them in the back of the head. Tell them you don't like them taking your Freedom away!

Pull the Weeds!

Be safe...

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Friday, May 25, 2007

The Weekend

This is a bit late but I've been putting this off. I really wanted to write something about Memorial Day. Growing up my family would go to Sunday church and then to the grave yard to decorate the graves of family. Sometimes we would go to the Indy 500. I was going to make the joke that was my dads church but I thought maybe the joke in bad taste. Some Memorial weekends were spent with former military at a cook out. Some were spent with guns going off and me playing "Taps". Yes I played taps at military funerals when I was in High School. I had 4 uncles that were in WWII, my Father was in Korea, my cousins were in Vietnam so I've heard some amazing military stories. Remind me to tell the story "Shot out the Light" sometime. Maybe I'll tell that on Fathers day since it's my Dad's story.

This weekend we honor all those who lost their lives in service to this country. That includes those who died on 9/11 . In my opinion it includes the teachers and students that have been killed in way too many school shootings.

Before trying to get into a Gone Wild video this weekend, take a moment and think about those who allowed you that over indulgent Freedom.

Be safe...

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Off with the Pants

I wear these Snow Man pants about every day. I have two of them. They are very comfortable. I bought them in the fall of 2001! Wow that's kind of weird now that I think about it. My family would really like me to give them up. I still have a blanket that I got when I was 5 and they think they can talk me out of my Snow Man pants. Ha! Good-Luck!

Kind of funny how we get attached to things.

Now if I decide to retire my pants these Snoopy pants might make good replacements!

With my permission please wear the pants you want. Just don't send me pictures.

Be safe...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

One Week...

Well I've made it one whole week not smoking. Trust me I'm not bragging because I know I should never have started. It bothers me that I don't remember how or why I started. I could run 400 meters in less then a minute. So how did I go from doing that to not wishing to breath. I really don't know.

In just one week I know I feel better and have more energy. Now last Saturday when I started this I felt like someone hit me in the head with a sledge hammer and I had a sore throat.

I've always had a good sense of smell. Even when I smoked. My sense of smell is big time waking back up. Trinity and I were out walking and I could smell "Youth Dew" pouring from a house we walked by. Hey maybe I'll get a new job at the airport smelling Luggage. Now I might get paid in "Kibbles N Bits" and "Milk Bones" but that's the breaks.

Be safe...

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

2 Quiet

Let's be GREEN

I want to Challenge you to be quiet for two hours a day and save energy!

During the summer months the hours between 3- 6 in the afternoon are the most heavy hit energy wise. It's also when energy is the most expensive.

So what happens if we all use the bare minimum during that time period? In many parts it will ease already taxed power grids. Also in a global world it means we are using less energy and being more Green.

If you are using electricity, natural gas, batteries or gasoline your not running quiet.

Just try it. You might not be able to do it everyday but the days you do will really count!

Be safe...

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

L Things

Hope everything is going Good for all of you. The picture my husband took last spring at Enchanted Rock. Then he went all photo shop on it.

After all my kids called on Sunday I decided I'm going to start a monthly family news letter. Yeah with paper too and expensive postage. My kids will think it's funny and they can show their kids later how insane their Grandmother was. This isn't a new idea but I think it's a good idea for my kids and me.

Day 4

Didn't know if I wanted to share this with you or not because it's not something I'm real proud of but today is day 4 of not smoking. A few weeks back I started taking Chantix which is a pill that helps you to stop smoking. It's better then the patch but it's still pretty evil. The pills cost me $101 at Costco for 4 weeks of pills. Right now my life is going into yet another rough spot so I'm praying that I have the strength to make it through and don't start smoking again.

Funny strange things are going on with me. I can't get enough of educational PBS shows and I want to watch Elvis concerts. If anyone can find the logic in that please explain it to me. Now I did really see Elvis in concert when I was a kid. I just need to accept that I'm a little weird at times. LOL

Find a way
and enjoy your Day!

Be safe...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

How the Hell are You?

It's been awhile. I thought for a moment I was going to have to remember my password to get in here to post. Like I could remember anything right now.

The last two months I have been on Demon petrol. Had to save all my energy to watch my back and fight evil. Yes I'm speaking in code but that might be a good thing. Sometimes there are people that come into your life that are just plain users. Sometimes it's not easy kicking them to the curb. But kick them to the curb you must because they are a cancer that eats away at your very being.

Well here's to kicking it to the Curb!

Time for me to get back to my 3 L's

Friday, May 04, 2007

This is the Sun Children

During the winter months a Wizard got mad at me for having beautiful sunny days while he had nothing but cold and ice. So the evil Wizard stole the sun from me a few weeks back. Leaving behind terrible tornadoes and rain.

Shame on you Mr. Evil Wizard.

I want
The Sun

The weather person said it was going to be 90 and feel like summer time! We got gloomy, misty and humid. We have had soooo much rain that I have mushrooms growing in my backyard and there not magical. My Mother-in-law has been sleeping on my couch all week, my 3 year old has been in the house all week, the husband is driving me to drink, and some ass is telling me "that's not an Ajax error" but the screen shot I sent him plainly says "Ajax error". But I'm fine folks, really I am!

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo!
I got my Salsa made.
Enjoy the Day!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Don't Dare Me...

Dear Matt,

Just a picture to warm your nights where ever you might roam.

Be Nudity, Not Nice...


Picture by Jay!

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