Thursday, May 10, 2007

How the Hell are You?

It's been awhile. I thought for a moment I was going to have to remember my password to get in here to post. Like I could remember anything right now.

The last two months I have been on Demon petrol. Had to save all my energy to watch my back and fight evil. Yes I'm speaking in code but that might be a good thing. Sometimes there are people that come into your life that are just plain users. Sometimes it's not easy kicking them to the curb. But kick them to the curb you must because they are a cancer that eats away at your very being.

Well here's to kicking it to the Curb!

Time for me to get back to my 3 L's


Vickie said...

It's about time you showed up---I tried to get the FBI involved with your MIA but then I realized just how political that could get so I thought I should just try and be patient...

Next time you are going MIA let me know and if you need any help I can help with the curb kicking--I got some "cute boots" and I'm a Bond Girl---LMAO

Anyway---glad you are back cause you are missed.

LadyTerri said...

I know what you mean...great blog :)

Walker said...

Fighting evil is a hard job and even harder when its close.
But in the end good does win over evil when put to the task.

Happy Mothers Day :)

Miachelle said...

Welcome back, and take your smoking cessation one day at a time. You can do it!