Tuesday, May 15, 2007

L Things

Hope everything is going Good for all of you. The picture my husband took last spring at Enchanted Rock. Then he went all photo shop on it.

After all my kids called on Sunday I decided I'm going to start a monthly family news letter. Yeah with paper too and expensive postage. My kids will think it's funny and they can show their kids later how insane their Grandmother was. This isn't a new idea but I think it's a good idea for my kids and me.

Day 4

Didn't know if I wanted to share this with you or not because it's not something I'm real proud of but today is day 4 of not smoking. A few weeks back I started taking Chantix which is a pill that helps you to stop smoking. It's better then the patch but it's still pretty evil. The pills cost me $101 at Costco for 4 weeks of pills. Right now my life is going into yet another rough spot so I'm praying that I have the strength to make it through and don't start smoking again.

Funny strange things are going on with me. I can't get enough of educational PBS shows and I want to watch Elvis concerts. If anyone can find the logic in that please explain it to me. Now I did really see Elvis in concert when I was a kid. I just need to accept that I'm a little weird at times. LOL

Find a way
and enjoy your Day!

Be safe...


The Lone Beader said...

Nothing wrong with wanting to watch Elvis. He was certainly easy on the eyes=:)

Walker said...

You're searching for something.

Great news on the no smoking and yes you got to watch oiut, stress might make you go back to smoking.

The news letter is a good idea and I think a hand written letter is more personal.

Take care

Lora_3 said...

LB- you got to love Elvis! LOL

Walker - I'm looking up history because I hate it when you know more then me. He does too and it sucks.

Be safe...