Tuesday, July 22, 2008



At many times in my life I've felt the definition of Giant. Tall! "She's Tall!

At the age of 44 you'd think this crap wouldn't bother me anymore but it does. I went to a house warming party on Sunday and as I walked in the house I got that "She's a Giant" vibe. Everyone at the party saw that I was tall and then looked at my feet. No I didn't have 4 inch stilettos on more like 1 inch slides. Sorry I'm bitching but it pisses me off.

Be safe...

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Monday, July 14, 2008


So we've went from oppressed to depressed and now recessed!

Money savers tips are everywhere. Don't eat fast food everyday. Now there's a tip. Clean your whole house with vingear and baking soda. Now that tip really works but your house will smell. Trade in your gas guzzler for a more gas friendly model. If your trading in an SUV or a truck get ready to lose thousands of dollars. That last one is a sad fact.

Best tip I could give would be, get a Library card. Learn how to cook great food cheap, learn how to give your car a tune up and check out some great old movies. All of this can be yours for free.

Please no more recession talk! But Fall fashion will be easy. In a strong econmy it's always short skirts and during a recession you always go with the long skirt look! Oh, my long legs will look lovely.

Be safe...

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I done X that File!

A new X-Files Movie? What? Does anyone remember the last X-Files movie?
Many years back X-Files was almost like a religion at my house. I even, sad to say, have X-files trading cards. Now might be a good time to sell those bad boys.
Back in the day, I hit the X-Files message board 4 times a day. Why? Now I don't remember why I stopped watching.
Worse part, "I want to see the new Movie!"
By the way, go to Tony's "Bonez" blog and leave him a message and maybe win some tea! Tony if your reading this go to Walkers Blog and see the big boobs! My mind runs at the thought of Tony and Walker sitting at a table having some tea and watching the ladies walking by. Oh what trouble!
Be safe...

Bigger Fine For Vaping!

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