Tuesday, July 22, 2008



At many times in my life I've felt the definition of Giant. Tall! "She's Tall!

At the age of 44 you'd think this crap wouldn't bother me anymore but it does. I went to a house warming party on Sunday and as I walked in the house I got that "She's a Giant" vibe. Everyone at the party saw that I was tall and then looked at my feet. No I didn't have 4 inch stilettos on more like 1 inch slides. Sorry I'm bitching but it pisses me off.

Be safe...

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Tony said...

Funny, I always envisioned you as being of average height or even petite/short. Around 5'4". You don't look all that "giant" to me.

Walker said...

When people start looking at your feet to see if you're wearing heels just rub their heads and say "Hi shorty" LOL

I have a friend who is 6-10 and he bends over to get into people homes because the doors jams are not high enough for him.

We used to tease him about the weather and how funny he looked on his harley because it looked so small when he was on it.
One day at a bush party he started running for the house and we asked why and he said it was raining.
We all looked up but there was no rain and then 3 minutes later it came down LOL

Don't let it get to you.

Paul Merrill said...

People can be so insensitive!

Teresa said...

I get the "she is an elf" vibe. I am only 5'2".

Miachelle said...

Never worry about being tall--use it to dominate! (coming from the short daughter of a tall woman!)

Hope all is well with you.