Monday, August 11, 2008

Back Slider

Do you know what a back slider is? Well in my family is means that you didn't go to church on Sunday. My mother always gives me crap about not going to church but for the last few weeks they have been Back Sliders. Sad isn't it. My Dad even tried to give me basketball as an excuse. So I've been dutiful to the Lord while my parent have been Back Sliders.
So every now and then you need to be a pain in your parents arse! LOL
Dear Miachelle please go here and listen to "I Will Not Be Moved"! That shouold give you all inspiration. Love to you!
Be safe...


Tony said...

Backsliding (going back into sin) was/is assumed because everyone knows that any good Christian is in Church every time the doors open. In fact, they should be waiting on the steps for the pastor to open the door and rush in just like they do on those day after Thanksgiving Christmas shopping days when everyone behaves like ravenous wolves fighting over a single scrap of raw meat in the dead of winter.

Walker said...

I've slid back so far i have roadrash :)

Miachelle said...

Just dropping by to let you know I changed the URL of my blog ( as well as added a larger content focus.

Hope all is well with you.


Teresa said...

I was a back slider all summer. My knee hurt, too, but mostly I just got out of the habit of going.