Monday, July 14, 2008


So we've went from oppressed to depressed and now recessed!

Money savers tips are everywhere. Don't eat fast food everyday. Now there's a tip. Clean your whole house with vingear and baking soda. Now that tip really works but your house will smell. Trade in your gas guzzler for a more gas friendly model. If your trading in an SUV or a truck get ready to lose thousands of dollars. That last one is a sad fact.

Best tip I could give would be, get a Library card. Learn how to cook great food cheap, learn how to give your car a tune up and check out some great old movies. All of this can be yours for free.

Please no more recession talk! But Fall fashion will be easy. In a strong econmy it's always short skirts and during a recession you always go with the long skirt look! Oh, my long legs will look lovely.

Be safe...

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Walker said...

I got nothing left to save LOL
I think we are all just getting ripped off from the big corporations.
Gas went up 20% and food prices went up 80%.
The math doesn;t add up in our books but it adds up in their bank accounts

Bella Baita View said...

Good advice and I couldn't agree more with enough bad news. We just have to get on with it best we can.