Sunday, July 13, 2008

I done X that File!

A new X-Files Movie? What? Does anyone remember the last X-Files movie?
Many years back X-Files was almost like a religion at my house. I even, sad to say, have X-files trading cards. Now might be a good time to sell those bad boys.
Back in the day, I hit the X-Files message board 4 times a day. Why? Now I don't remember why I stopped watching.
Worse part, "I want to see the new Movie!"
By the way, go to Tony's "Bonez" blog and leave him a message and maybe win some tea! Tony if your reading this go to Walkers Blog and see the big boobs! My mind runs at the thought of Tony and Walker sitting at a table having some tea and watching the ladies walking by. Oh what trouble!
Be safe...


Walker said...

I have seen every episode I don't know how many times and the movie I own.
I can;t wait to see the new movie because I mess the series.
It was fun to watch.
It was filled with mystery, drama and comedy.
I think many of us thought Mulder and Scully would hook up but that would have ruined it I think.
The Lone Gunmen were favorites to, the sadest episode was when they were killed while saving man kind.

Hmmm I wonder how old Scully's baby will be?

Bella Baita View said...

I have been so out of touch also. Thank you for your so wonderful comment on my blog. It's nice to know you think enough of my musings to actually go out and buy an Italian cook book. Now get cooking. Sounds like lots of changes for you this year, hooray for the breaking of the cigarette hold. I know the power of that one, it's quite freeing and will probably free you in some other ways as well. Happy belated birthday fellow canncerian sister. I will be back to Texas to see what's up in the Lone star state some times. Ciao Marla

Tony said...

OMG! (Or should that be OMFSM?) Are you, Miss Lora, trying to tarnish my spotless webutation?!? The very nerve of you insinuating that I enjoy gawking at women's delectable breasts... especially those some consider overly endowed. We each have our own secret turn-ons and one of mine is absolutely NOT ogling large ponderous breasts seductively bouncing and swaying down the street while I sip tea with the likes of Mr. Walker (whom I have barely known in passing and definitely NOT in the Biblical sense).

Besides, we should all remember that is not SIZE that matters... I think I may be more of a nips man, myself (should I blush now?).

You think you have the X-Files bug bad? I feel your pain, Sister. I was a HUGE fan from the very beginning and mourned the passing of the series tremendously. I even petitioned to bring them back but it wasn't meant to be. I am surprised they have made another movie but I will there opening night to see it. And no, my fervent fanboy loyalty has nothing to do with how hot Scully is.

(Tony sits back and sips his Irish Breakfast Tea with a wise contemplative look in his blue eyes as he replays his favorite X-Files Scully scenes over in his mind's eye)