Friday, May 04, 2007

This is the Sun Children

During the winter months a Wizard got mad at me for having beautiful sunny days while he had nothing but cold and ice. So the evil Wizard stole the sun from me a few weeks back. Leaving behind terrible tornadoes and rain.

Shame on you Mr. Evil Wizard.

I want
The Sun

The weather person said it was going to be 90 and feel like summer time! We got gloomy, misty and humid. We have had soooo much rain that I have mushrooms growing in my backyard and there not magical. My Mother-in-law has been sleeping on my couch all week, my 3 year old has been in the house all week, the husband is driving me to drink, and some ass is telling me "that's not an Ajax error" but the screen shot I sent him plainly says "Ajax error". But I'm fine folks, really I am!

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo!
I got my Salsa made.
Enjoy the Day!


Miachelle said...

If I could send you some from Phoenix, I would.

Walker said...

We are looking at -3 for Frdiay I could send you that LOL