Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Here and Now

Hey did everybody have a good Labor Day Weekend? Well I hope so. Are you counting how many more days til Christmas yet? Trinity is. She either tells you Happy Birthday or Happy Christmas.

Please go over the the "Single Cool Moms" blog and read her letter to Mrs. Irwin. I bring this to attention because I've read some "nasty crap" on other blogs today. Just a little reminder don't hold that microscope to other peoples lives unless you want that microscope held to yours.

I think Steve Irwin lived his life and faced fears that most of us wouldn't have touched. He will be missed.

Be safe...


Miachelle said...

While I disagreed with some of his risky antics involving his kids, in the end he was an enjoyable character, and I feel bad for his wife and children. It amazes me the callousness that people show, even in death. I wonder if people ever stop to wonder what will be said about them upon their passing.

meesh said...

I always got a kick out of Steve Irwin's show. He was sincere and he really cared about conservation and the animlas. He was a littel goofy, but he really meant what he was doing. I don't think the man ever "worked" a day in his life because he loved what he did so much. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to say the same thing aboutour own lives?

Personally, I think he loved his kids like crazy and would not have done anything with them that he did not think was ok. When you're around crocodiles all the time I image you become desensitized to them. He saw them as amazing animals and understood their behavior. I don't think baby bob was ever in any real danger with his dad.