Monday, March 27, 2006

Ahhhhh...a glass of Wine!

Ok I call this day over. My kitchen is a mess but this moms work day is over!

Everyone deals with stress differently. I read romance novels. I laugh at this. Going to some other place helps me to hold it together. Some years back, during a very dark time in my life I spent a week in my bedroom reading books. (The Outlander by Diana Gabaldon) I know that time and book saved my life and kept me from going to jail. Wow maybe someday I'll write about that pain but not today.

Well it's raining here in Texas and here I thought Texans couldn't buy rain. Today I'm missing home. Indiana to me is home. Ok redneck heaven. My husband likes to call me a redneck but he's from Texas so what does he know. I posted on a blog about Hoosier gyms today. Yeah I love Indiana gyms. I've spent some time in them. I saw a picture of Hinkle Fieldhouse and had tears in my eyes. (Bloomfield vs Warsaw) That would be girls basketball. Ok that was 30 years ago. But for the small town of Bloomfield it was big shit. Man I miss home. A home sick middle aged woman is crazy.

Tomorrow! Well for this family it could mean everything. So have good thoughts for me tomorrow. Oh please grant me the power to find my cats collar too!(Gee it's been a day)

Be Safe

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