Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Homeland Security

Let me say that again, "Homeland Security".

Ok, my daughter was molested and our lives were forever changed. At that time I changed jobs and made it clear to my new employer what I was up against. I needed the money. One of the head men at this new job would find ways to stop me in the hall alone and talk with me. It always made me feel weird. Don't get me wrong he was nice to me but I always felt he was laughing at me. A year and a half after leaving that company I found out he was arrest for Multiple counts of molestation. Ok, my first reaction was you "" and then the truest sick feeling came over me that yes he was laughing in my face. This was a man that had a 6 figure salary, beautiful wife, and children. I don't ask why anymore. I know that these soulless humans that molest children can not be stereotyped because they are just scared rats on the inside. That's why they cry and beg forgiveness. However they shed no tears for their victims.

So I'll say it again "Homeland Security". I guess I was under the false assumption that meant protection for our young children as well.

Be Safe...

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Teresa said...

Don't you wish we could save our kids from everything. Please get her and you some counseling. It does help and it is possible to live a normal life after this happens. I know.