Friday, November 24, 2006


Thanksgiving happened and I made it! Yeah for me. Ok by the end of the day a big bottle of wine helped me live through it. Monkey thought I was pretty funny on the phone last night. I only drank to the funny stage not the I know everything stage.

I was very thankful I passed out and the day was over. I didn't want to think about another thing. My body decided it would be funny to give me weird dreams last night. In my dream I was writing stuff down and making a big pile of papers. Then these people came along and started sticking them in their heads. I kept telling them to stop but they didn't. I think I was designing jewelry somewhere in the dream too. Weird!

I've been worried about People lately. Today I don't feel that worry. Hmmm... I guess all is right with the world today! LOL

My husband gave me a project. I'm to put a video on You Tube and then put it on my test blog. He wants to know if the average wife can do this. Nothing like being a Science Project.

Be safe...

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The Foo said...

i have been having weird dreams too... must be the after effects of eating too much at Thanksgiving.

So did you pass the science project test? ;-)