Monday, November 20, 2006

My Mommy!

I saw my Mommy today. She hasn't seen me for three years and she didn't know it was me at first. LOL Then she told me "your so skinny"! She's just sucking up for a good Christmas gift.

Some time back on the Foo Logs, he was talking about young guys wearing there pants across their butts and old folks wearing their pants below their boobs. After seeing my Mom today I'm wearing my shirts out of my pants from now on. Now everyone thinks I'm mean picking on a 70 something grandma. Really, I'll tell you a little story about what my Mom did to me when I was 21. We were out shopping and I decided I needed to buy some new bras. My Mother and some other lady's in the shop decide that all I really needed was a box of band-aids. Oh they were howling they were laughing so hard. So trust me if I pick on my Mom she has it coming.

Don't worry my Mommy loves me. I'm the only Hell she ever raised! LOL

Be safe...

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Nairobi Paul said...

Moms are great. I'm looking forward to seeing mine in July 2007. (Wish it were sooner!)

And I'm with you on video games. We actually banned our boys from them for 6 months (2 down) - so they could learn to entertain themselves in other more creative ways! It's working. There was a lot of protest when we kicked that into gear, but they're alright now.

Walker said...

Moms can stick it to you sometimes and it makes for some laughs.
My SIL's mother once while having dinner picked up her massive boobs and dropped them on the table.
She was dressed btw.
SIL had been yaking about her boob job that she just got.
Her mother being tired of hearing her dropped hers on the table and said ."These were free"

Happy Thanksgiving

Lora_3 said...

Paul I bet your Mom can't wait to see you and your Kids! LOL

Thanks Walker! I'm glad you didn't ask me what kind of Band-Aids I wanted. LOL

Be safe...