Tuesday, November 28, 2006

At the Party

When you go to a party do you walk in as yourself or as the world wants you to be? Boy that's a question. Do you put your PC (politically correct) attitude into place. Are you that way when you go shopping or while driving your car? I wonder!

I thought to write about this after reading "The Zero Boss" thoughts on going to parties and not being able to talk about sports. His post upset me because I think Jay is a interesting dude and if nobody wants to talk to him then they'll never talk to me. I'm nuttier then a fruit cake but sometimes I just act that way because people bore me. Yes people bore me at parties. They talk about the same ol' crap or just the crap they want you to know. Job, Car, Dog, House, Kids and then wife! Why is that? On our Blogs we have conversations of a sort. We share thoughts, ideas, hardships and even lucky breaks but face to face we turn into PC person with PC party talk.

Talking doesn't require a condom but maybe a tictac.

Be safe...

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Nairobi Paul said...

It is best to be yourself. The fake-being-who-others-want-you-to-be thing is not a lasting solution to quality interaction and relationships.

(Think of our spouses - they see through the fake stuff REALLY quickly.)