Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Human Consumption?

See I shouldn't watch the news because I see stories about Horses going to the slaughter house in Mexico for "Human Consumption". They even had video which totally upset me. One horse had seen better times but the rest looked fine to me. The reporter said that one was even pregnant.

I hope you take time to check out these links. Horses help us build this country and we own them better then this.

Be safe...

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Walker said...

I have seen horsemeat sold at the butcher shop as I have other exotic meats.
I know in europe they eat horses and in Aussie the shoot and eat wild donkeys so I am not surprised.
Who knows is there a McHorse somewhere down the line?
I see horses almost as pets and couldn't think of eating horse meat.

Lora_3 said...

Walker your McHorse statement isn't to far off the mark. I've always heard that the meat used in fast food doesn't come from the United States because it cost to much.

Last yesr the horse rescue ranches here in Texas took hard hits because of the lack of rain. No rain no hay. The gas prices were up at the time so hauling in hay from other states was pricey too.

I'm not eating Bambi or Black Beauty. Ok I do eat Chicken Little, Babe and the Veggie Tales. Please don't tell Trinity!

Be safe...