Monday, November 06, 2006

A Little FrenchLick

Hey Monkey remember this place?

Part II to Moonshine. When I think of Moonshine or make that bootlegging and the state of Indiana The FrenchLick Hotel comes to mind. On the web site the history given sounds like a clean version from the one I remember hearing growing up. Like the story about Al Capone's boys hiding out in the hotel when the heat was on in Chicago. When I was 14 or 15 I walked into a room with some beautiful gaming tables in it. So I have a problem with the history saying there was no gaming after 1949. The history also doesn't tell you that at one time the hotel was called the Lucifer. There were these big devil statues everywhere. It had to do with the Pluto water. I won a satin stuffed devil thing when I was a kid there.

The last time I was there the FrenchLick Hotel was run down. It was nothing like the glory it was when I was a child. My kids had fun there anyway. At the time they were working on getting the gaming licence and talking about a complete restoration. As I looked at the picture on their web site I was over joyed to see that they did it. The West Baden Hotel has been drought back to what it once was. Now that folks is a building.

I hope you check out these links and do some research yourselves. You need to relax and get away from city life then you should make the trip there. Back in the 90's Ozzy use to stay there when he was doing concerts in Indy, Evansville and Louisville. While your there you can check out the house that Larry Bird grew up in. Or you might see him driving his truck down the road.

Be safe...

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