Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I think I need to be in the picture. Well it would be better then reading anything having to do with politics. Yuck!

Which wing are you?

Makes me want to ask if they have Dry Weave? I'm sorry I'm a human and I don't have wings. I have opinions. We might not always agree but that's what makes us humans. Shit allow people to have opinions and don't bully them down when they don't match yours.

We have moved up in the world I guess. When this country first started we were thought of as Farmers with Pitch Forks and now we have Wings. But make that only one wing. You either have a left one or a right one. Hell we don't even get a complete set of wings. Sounds like we should all be on the island for misfit toys.

See I voiced my opinion and that's what makes me, Me!

Be safe...and watch your wings

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Peter said...

Hi Lora, I hope you get your wish and can get up close with the right tigers one day.
Thanks for stopping by Peters pictures.