Friday, February 13, 2015

The Days of Love

Back when I blogged, every February I came up with the 14 days of Love. I read some this morning and I must say I'm a silly Girl.

I have a friend that refuses to have anything to do with Valentines Day because of what he overheard a women say. She went on about what her husband or boyfriend better buy her. She had some grand ideas. My friend was taken back by her lack of (I don't know what word I should use here decorum?). Truth, my friends was flat out appalled.

My husband asked me why we have this Holiday. I explained a Christian gave a jailers daughter a heart I think it was made out of cloth before they chopped of his head. Queen of hearts"Off With Your Head". Death and taxes. Death and Valentines day.

Maybe for us Real people who don't live on Facebook or on our cell phones its a day to stop. Stop being bathed in the negative vibe that the world puts out there. To see love as a quiet gustier of something nice and decent. Nothing grand or over blown but something that just puts a smile on the face.

Be safe...


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