Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bigger Fine For Vaping!

So Alaska has decide to be the three state to sell Legal Marijuana. I just had to look up how to spell the word Marijuana.  My Legal substances of choice would be Fish Tale Organic India Pale Ale thank you very much. Back, so you can buy Pot in Alaska just not walk down the streets smoking it. Walking into a cloud of Pot smoke is like smelling a Skunks ass. Why would you do that? Now if your caught walking down the streets smoking out the fine is $100. This makes me laugh. You just see some one dressed like that kid in "A Christmas Story" with a $100 bill pinned to his jacket. The Cop takes the Hundred and says "move along!"

The flip side! Vaping! Here in Texas a totally legal thing with many cool Vape shops. Oh do I need to tell you what vaping is? Look it up! If you smoke Cigs please look it up or message me. I will find the right people to hook you up wherever you are. Vaping is a blog post for another time. I hope I get to it. Knowledge is power. Back to my point, if I walk down the street of Georgetown, Texas vaping you could get a fine of $250! That's not just Cow Shit that the shit from the whole country of China.

So I ask the question, how the hell can smoking Pot be a lesser fine than Vaping? Shit smoke a Marlboro no fine at all.

Trinity is proud that her Dad doesn't smoke cigarettes anymore. He doesn't smell up the house or the car. She's eleven and knows it wrong to fine people for a Healthier choice.

Be safe...

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