Sunday, March 09, 2008


I hate the word stress. I hate the crazy mixed up bullshit that I'm feeling right now. I really hate my job. It makes me feel weak. I hate stuff on the floor and clothes that need to be washed. I hate not having enough time with Trinity.

But this is my life.

Something I really hate, I don't have the life my parents had at my age. Shit, they had cheap gas, low house payments and they weren't taxed up the ass. They spent Sunday nights watching Walt Disney and eating popcorn.

I'm grateful for my life but I would like to have some grace and understanding in it.

Be safe...

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Paul Merrill said...

Hang in there with life!!

And responding to your other post, I'm all for the anti-plastic-bag movement. Anything that can cause people to re-use something is good.

devari said...

heheh all you need is vacation dude :)

Kevin said...

Stress? Hate? Come on Lori, your life is beautiful!!! :P

Just be thankful for your kids and remember that Shawn won't live forever (just joking, you know I love him). But what I think you really need is a new job. Hang in there crazy woman!!!