Friday, December 28, 2007


"Wheel in the Sky keeps on turning, don't know where I'll be tomorrow!" Yeah, like you all wanted to hear me sing.

Here we are on the last Friday of the year. Thought I'd throw a question at you. If you were to stand before God and he asked you "Have you used all the talents that I gave you?" What would be your answer?

My answer would be NO! I don't think I could even come up with a great story to explain myself. I am going to give myself credit and state that at 43 years of age I'm still a work in progress. I've figure out a few things but still have a long list to work on. The question still rocks my world and makes me think about goals I should set for myself. I hate the word "goals". Most people set unreachable goals or just over simple ones. Let's face it using all the talents you've been given is a pretty wide goal.

Word to the wise, always use your talents for good.

Last word today: They shouldn't have shot the woman!

Be safe...

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TK said...

Have I used all the talents given to me? That's an odd question. I think I could answer yes, based on my talents.

I think a more important question is "Have you lived up to your potential?"

To which (for me) the answer is most likely... um... "I'm working on it."

Happy New Year.

Lora_3 said...

TK: I think your short selling yourself. I think most of us over look our greatist talents.

A woman who marries a man and over looks his many flaws could be considered a talent. That being said, here's wishing your Wife and You a very Happy Anniversary!

Crazy Stupid Bowl boy is putting smiles on people on beaches or jungles, hell that might be his great talent.

My point is, potential is batting 1000, but maybe talent is pulling the tarp over the field before it rains. (like I know shit about baseball)(LOL)

Be safe...

Walker said...

I have a talent ?!

You use what you can to better your life as much as you want.