Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Row, Row,Row Your Boat....

Most days hip waders will work. After seeing that You Tube will be the latest tool used to gain the White House, I truly believe we all need row boats. Jurassic Park is sounding more inviting all the time.

I'm finally feeling better but Wired couldn't have that. They felt the great need to tell me what the ingredients in many of the lotions I have will really do, like clean tile and dissolve rust. So if you call my house and are told that I'm in the Little Shop of Horror you'll know I'm in the bathroom.

Life has many challenges but I am thankful I can still say

Freedom and Democracy

As I write those two words I have no worries of what might happen to me or those that I love.

Be safe...

Picture by FreeFoto.com

1 comment:

Walker said...

Nice to hear yiou are feeling better.
My washroom is called the library lol

Have a nice day