Thursday, March 22, 2007


Hope everyone is doing Great. It's slowly raining here which might sound gloomy but it's that rain that helps my plants grew. Perfect day to fall into a good story from a book. I wish I had one right now.

It's time for spring cleaning. Time to clean it up, paint it or throw it out. I have a few projects I've been putting off and this year I need to deal with them. One project is redoing two chairs I got for nothing. Not a hard project but I need to have a leg remade. Also I need to find the perfect something for my fireplace.

Are you in Spring mode too? Feeling the need to add some new music to your life. Well go check your music collection with the Definitive 200 List. I was really surprised what made the list. It also reminded me of a few Albums I haven't thought about in awhile. Enjoy!

Be safe...

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