Friday, March 23, 2007

It's a Tree, It's a Towel

I love weird new things. A towel made out of Bamboo is truly a weird thing. They hit upon Bamboo because it was easy to use and fast growing. A Japanese company makes Bamboo t-shirts. I wonder how long it will be till they make jeans. I had to share this because I think it's very interesting.

Be safe...

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Beaman said...

Before I looked at the photos, my mind was beginning to think you were joking. However they look great, very soft and comfortable. I'll have to look out for those. I want some! :)

Josh Lane said...

I love my bamboo cutting board!

One question, does this mean I could finely slice veggies and cold-cuts on my shirt?

If so, I'm all over it. Would free up some space in the Element.