Saturday, March 24, 2007

Simply Successful Secrets

There is a experiment going on that is called the Simply Successful Secrets. I was tagged by the wonderful Andrew of "I Capture A Blog" Andrew looks like my brother so every time I see his picture I get a smile.

At first I was stunned that anyone would care what I thought but I'm very honored to be thought of. Most days I think of myself more as a mess then a Success but everyday I get up to fight the good fight. So here goes.


*Your Signature---My Dad told me once that everything you touch and do with your life you place your signature on. Don't do anything you wouldn't want your name on. My add to that would be, make your signature count.

*Be Silent---I wanted everything and I wanted it now. That's what my Grandmother always said about me. I had to learn to be silent and just let it come. When you force things there are always huge mistakes.

*Evaluate---Yes you need to act like Dr. Phil and ask yourself "Hows that working for you?" Be honest with yourself when you answer too.

*Celebrate---Everyday is a gift. Enjoy that gift and share it with others. Don't be a stick in the mud.

*Get Dirty---You can't ask other to do something that your not willing to roll up your sleeves and do yourself.

These habits now are very much part of my being as is checking my email. In the beginning I had to work at it. Figuring out each of these steps helped me to better understand myself.

Now for the fun part! I've decided to tag 2 men and 2 women. If they are willing I hope they will share what they do to be successful.

Ray from Mr Besilly's Blog
Matt from A Bowl Of Stupid
Briana from Breeze Debris
Jas from Through The Lenses

Be safe...

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Nairobi Paul said...

Some great tips there!

Maybe sometime I'll do a list like that. For today, I'm just reading lists.

Jas said...

Thanks for the tag, Lora. I'm flattered. This is very interesting experiment, and I'm awed by your and others' successful secrets. I'm definitely in :)

Briana said...

Thanks Lora. I will get working on this asap. You are so sweet:)

Lora_3 said...

Ladies Paul wants to be tagged so tag him. LOL

Be safe...

Aaron said...


One of the things that I love about this project is that I have seen great success secrets that people would consider "standard" concepts, but then I get to read a list like yours that includes such gems as monitoring "your signature" and getting dirty.

As you said in your post, these are ways of being, not habits, and that is why they have success written all over them.

Thanks a million for playing along, Lora, and I look forward to adding your wisdom to the master list that I will put together after this project has run its course!

Lora_3 said...

Aaron; Thank you! You made my day!

Be safe...