Friday, January 02, 2015

Wow! Can I do this? Part of me says no "your to busy." Yes I am, But I want to,

Tonight my house is filled with music. It our last night with my youngest son that is in the Marine Corp. He flies back to North Carolina tomorrow morning. This child brought music to my house. As a mother I didn't realize what that meant to me till it was gone. I'm sitting here fighting back tears. I am  proud of my son for many reasons. His Guitar playing abilities are Awesome.  He makes me remember that once loved music.

Its raining tonight in Texas. God is playing his music for us with storms. And my heart is Happy and Glad.

Be safe...


Walker said...

First off, Happy New Year.
There is always one that brings music isn't there.
My youngest used to sing in her room while playing one of the many instruments she had locked in there.
She couldn't play worth a damn but she could sing.
Now that she is gone it's to quiet.
But much cleaner

I am sure he will come visit you alot and fill you house with song.
Nice to see you again

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