Monday, April 19, 2010

To Blog

It's always fun to talk with people about blogging. Most don't understand why it could be a growing process for the person doing the blogging. I've always thought it was fun. Weather people were reading me or not. I've met people all over the world which is great. However I'm not getting a book deal next week or anything. (Because I need to learn how to spell first.)

But let's play what if.....

So now your blog is your business and you make a kick butt salary. So do you rent some office space and go to work everyday? Or do you write your blog in your boxer shorts at midnight? It's a good "What if" question. For me, my mind is more attuned when I have high heels on. LOL I just can't think while in boxer shorts.

Be safe...

1 comment:

Walker said...

I don't know, boxer shorts would be more comfortable for me.
The high heels would hinder my mad dash for the washroom t 3 am after a few beers..
Might even stab the cat with a wobbly heel.

Book deal, I don't think so but i did finish red clay, don;t know what to do with it.