Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back Home Again

I just got back home today. I've worked 3 weeks straight with only 1 day off. So I'm a bit tired.

I started reading some of my old blog post tonight. Wow! Some were good to my surprise. Hey beer wrote some of them post. Wow!

Fav old Blog Post...

Ok,Who Can make this? Most looked at Blog post of mine. I don't think anybody ever made the necklace.

Happy Halloween 2006 Ok so my kids cute!

Stories from the Ice Castle I had so much fun writing this blog post. Also I remember it as a really good day.

Just Thinking A true post about sad shit in my life.

The Witch on the Bridge
This is good so I can't believe I wrote this.

My Art Work LOL

Have a Good week! Wash your hands and don't get the Flu!

Be safe...


Tony said...

Personally, I am ecstatic to see you back in action! Welcome home and let the good times roll.

Walker said...

You can't stay away from what you like to do

Walker said...

Happy Forth Of July

Walker said...

Merry Christmas :)

Walker said...

Happy New Year