Friday, June 27, 2008

To Love, Then to Hate

When I was a kid I went to the gas station everyday to buy gum. I'm sure that my friends and I drove the poor man that own the station nuts.

I can remember putting gas in the car I was driving by myself for the first time. I kept thinking if I screw this up my Dad will kill me. Now to show my age, I think gas was 60 or 65 cents a gallon back then too. Yeah, and the old folks thought that was high. Come on we've all heard the stories about "when gas was 10 cents a gallon".

The other day on the radio they interview this man that has owned a "Mom and Pop" gas station for many years. He stated his job was such a downer these days because gas stations were a place where everyone was pissed off. Think about that for a moment. Driving a car at one point in life was carefree and freedom. Think of images from the movie "American Graffiti". Now it's a chore.

Now back to the conversation about the more we try to improve our lives the more we screw them up. Can you live with out all those improvements? I'm not cracked up about the whole out house thing but I think I could survive. We look at the pioneers of this country as men and women that worked hard ass lives. But hey it's 2008 and some parents out there are working the same hard ass life.

My prayer for this country is that we get back to that carefree freedom we once had and that it makes us a stronger nation because of it.

Be safe...

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