Saturday, February 16, 2008

White Trash

Is there a song called White Trash? My husband told me I needed a picture of someone with a mullet. Hmmm.....

I've been wanting to write this thought for over a week but I was doing the love. I over heard this women going on about Hilary Clinton and saying that the Clinton's are nothing but "White Trash". Now I'm not going to go all political on you but I was alittle upset about the phrase "White Trash". Now this phrase coming from an old white Texas women makes me want to laugh or bitch. First off all white Texian's believe "White Trash" is someone that has white skin but was born in another state. Now they'll marry us outsiders but down deep they think of us as "White Trash".

Ok, Tricky question, Who built America?
Answer that question honestly.
Who's dying fight for the U.S. in Iraq?
Answer that question honestly.

I come from a very white trash, redneck part of the world but hell I believe that it gave me the right values and gave me strenght.

This United States was bulit by men and women that just had enough money for the passes to the states. They came here to seek things they would never get in England. Respect my have been one of the things they were looking for. They built us a Great Nation just so we can call our Brother's and Sister's "White Trash"!

I think I need a Seal song!

Be safe...

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