Thursday, December 06, 2007


Whole lot of Christmas shoved in a tiny little space kind of sums up the season at times. Maybe that's why the story of the Christmas star inspires me. Following the guiding light of our lives and not letting the trivial crap bog us down is very hard at times.

So here's to finding that light and may it bring all of us Goodness and Joy!

Oh...By the stats show people have been looking up my crazy story from last year. LOL

So here's a link to Stories from the Ice Castle

Be safe...

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Walker said...

They just lit up Parlament Hill up the other day with millions of lights and the sky looks like the Northern Lights are bleeding down here from the artic.
May explain why my electric bill went up lol

Nothing like christmas lights to brighten up your day

Paul Merrill said...

Love to check out the over-the-top homes for Christmas lights. Unfortunately, this year we didn't get the newspaper that featured the map for Denver. Sigh.