Monday, June 11, 2007

Sore Butt Tour

I love my mountain bike but I don't get to ride it as much as I'd like.'s article about biking across Cuba looks like a cool ride. Then this morning I read about Trek Travel. Trek is setting up a cross country trip starting September 17. The trip takes off from Santa Barbara, California and ends in Charleston, South Carolina. This long trip is going to take 34 days and will cost you $10,000 big US dollars. I do think it should be nicknamed "The Sore Butt Tour". After day one my cutie bootie would hurt. Still I'd love to do it. 34 days of Mother Nature and your own thoughts. Sounds like heaven to me.

Be safe...

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Teresa said...

Someone from my company did a LA to SF ride--that would kill me.

Walker said...

My mountain bike has more dust on it now than it ever did.
I used to ride daily but for the last couple of years I have gotten more lazy and the fact that there is more traffic now than there used to be.
I don;t see myself doing a trek like these in the shape I am in and not ending up in a pine box LOL

Have a nice day