Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Am I dying?

Ok I'm sick but everyone is being way to nice to me. You all know something that I don't?

Nows when Walker would normally tell me I'm a Silly Kid! But he can't do that! Maple Leaf Boy went and got himself tagged by a Car! A car that didn't stop too. Not good. So go give him a hug, love, well wishes, lots of healing power and maybe some better luck.

Get Well Soon

Be safe...

Picture by me on Halloween!


Walker said...

Aw thank you and I don't think you're a silly girl....not all the time :P.

Nowew you get some rest and get ridof that bug bugging you :)

TK said...

Well, I'd wish you well, but it's probably the price you pay for gloating when it was snowing here. Ask Matt, he understands the dangers of mocking me. Also, bear in mind I once inadvertently called you pigf**ker, so I'm not known for my kind words.

But seriously, get well soon. Wish you the best. As long as it's not too sunny.

Josh P.G. Lane said...

That bites! I hope you feel better soon.

Did you pass it along via blogging?!! I'm coming down with something, too.


The Lone Beader said...

I hope you feel betta soon.

Lora_3 said...

Walker if you told the whole truth and nothing but the truth you always think I'm silly.

TK-It cold here. Very very cold. No sun. NO Don't look at the weather channel. Trust me! Would a PigF**ker lie?

Josh- you got that because you feel bad about not coming here to Austin.LOL

LB- Thank you for the well wishes. I feel honored that you took yourself away from your beading for me. :)

Be safe...