Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This Did Not Just Happen To Me!

I need chocalate, alcohol, or maybe that dude from the show Heroes that wipes your memory. My parents do not read my blog. No way. They did not see the post about "Old Folks having Sex". No this did not happen. Why did my Mother just act weird on the phone. Why did it take her 5 rings to answer her phone. She told me she was watching a movie. Funny because when she was here at Thanksgiving she said she didn't really watch movies. Please someone tell me I didn't just call my parents while they were watching a porn movie. No this did not just happen to ME! I am so going to be sick. Now if she calls me back here in a few hours I'll think I've over reacted but if I don't hear from her for a week, I'm so freakin' going to know. The bright side is that I didn't catch them when I was younger. Right.

Got to go. I need to go clean something.

Be safe...

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Teresa said...

ROFL! You need that little memory thingy from Men in Black!!!!

Walker said...

You did not call your parents while they were watching porn.
There, you happy?
They were probably having sex.

TK said...

Oh, you poor thing. Hey, when I was in high school, I walked in on my parents having sex.

In the living room.

On the couch.

And I was with a friend of mine.

Neither of us have been right since.

Anonymous said...

Eeww!! Mom, thats just gross!!! Now, I have the unwanted mental images of Grandma and Papa watching porn and having sex in their lil' pink recliners!!! PUKE! Thanks for that mother

Miachelle said...

Just think. One day your kids will be saying that about you and your hubby.