Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Devil Wears......

She didn't wear this bracelet. I'm showing this picture to shame myself into doing better. It took a whole 5 minutes to make this and if you look close, it shows. The second time I wore it, I broke it.

So did you like the movie "The Devil Wears Prada"? I like the point that they made about really doing your job or faking it. This bracelet I made is faking it. Miachelle is showing off her Mermaids Crown today and she's doing her job very well.

I did find a jewelry designer that's off the beaten path Susan Lenart Kamer. I've always wanted to make a found object bracelet or necklace but Miss Susan takes that to a whole new level. Wow!

Also a local bead maker BlackBerryBeads! She has a great blog. Make sure you check out her links. Some great stuff there.

Well my cat Sasha is at the patio door! I've decided she thinks it's a drive up window for food. Now if Sasha could only speak she'd tell me to super size that order. I better go get on my waitress hat.

Be safe...


Miachelle said...

A) Thank you for the compliment
B)...I seem to be giving this pep talk a lot this week. Don't be so hard on yourself. Why? Use it as a learning point. Examine what went wrong, what you could have done better. Mistakes are never a thing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. They make our best teachers, and give us the best motivation for the next project. I shudder to think of my first projects when I began making jewelry. We've all been there. Take your time, stick to it, and always self-evaluate.

You'll do just fine.

Teresa said...

I like the style of this bracelet. I have not seen the movie, but have read the book. It was quite funny.

Breeze said...

I like the bracelet! You should make more more more! And then get an Etsy shop:)