Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Here I am a Wassailing...

What's going on? My Reader is full of post so there's been a lot of blogging going on around here. I've had more hits on my blog in the last few days and I haven't even post anything. What does that mean? I've had lots of visitors from non-English speaking countries. That really embarrasses me. "Lets see what the crazy American woman is yacking today!" I'm just like the Star Wars Kid in other countries. LOL That's scary!

I had a wonderful Snow Weekend. Not! I helped (did) science fair project. I hate science fair projects. On Monday night I had a blast with dinner guest. Trinity has a new little friend and it a boy. She gave him a big hug when he left. It was so cute. I read The Killing Club during my snow weekend.

To anyone with young kids, please check out the Signing Time videos on DVD. I'm having a blast leaning Sign language with Trinity. You can also check out the show on PBS!

On the Dashboard here at Blogger I checked out the "Blogs of Note" or something like that. I found BlueSky Studios. That place is a trip. Check out Halloween and look for the twin girls from the shining. That's damn good.

Today will be Blog Day! There are many blogs I needed to stop by and say Hi. Other blogs I need to check out so I can share them with all of you. And I still need to find that one blog I saw at MyBlogLog.

Be safe...

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Joshua P.G. Lane said...

What a wonderful idea?!! I think I'll take a snow day here in Florida, today.

Jas said...

Hi Lora,
Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love your blog too. you're full of great ideas. I'm always leaving your blog with lots of thoughts. I joined MyBlogLog because of you. Thanks for sharing.