Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Boys! And the Problem Starts There

Folks we are really going wrong somewhere with are young men in this country. Today in a town not far away they charged 4 boys because it is believed that they were trying to make NAPALM. One was the son of a Deputy Sheriff. How well do you think that went over. Now it is not believed that they planned to use it to blow away anybody but really what the hell were they thinking. Then I remember the movie "October Sky". Homer Hickam got arrested in 1957 for making Rockets.

I don't know if the 4 charged today had mean spirited ideas in their heads or just the wish to see if they could make something go Boom. Hey boys, when Forrest Gump said he thought something jumped up and bit him, it was the Napalm. I like the idea of young men thinking about something other then cars and boobs. But after Columbine, thinking of ways to make bombs wasn't a great idea.

People will say "Boys will be Boys". Yeah well, when Men start acting like Men again that phrase won't bother me a bit. Till then I'm a Mom and I'm worried.

Be safe...

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