Friday, March 28, 2008

BS is BS

My husband made some comment about people blogging using their blogs as personel diaries. Yes, alot of people do. Then I made the mistake and asked what I did. My husbands reply was something about people blogging using their alter egos. I've many times said that when I wrote about "Ice" she was the cartoon of me. LOL

Right now I don't blog enough to be interesting. At one time I did enjoy blogging. Right now I really don't have time for it. At one time I had a great inspiration to blog. Now me and that inspiration have parted ways.

So what kind of blogger am I? I would hope I leave the BS where it belongs. I'm not Diary writer and the ego is for super hero's. Somedays I use my blog as a dart board. LOL Somedays it's my screaming tree. Most days it's just me. My thoughts and feelings on life.

Be safe...

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