Monday, January 21, 2008


Life is weird and so are most of my dreams. Last night I got the making of maybe a good kids book. Now if only I could write.

Ok, from the dreamland;

Little girl goes to the library every week for story time. The library has this big open area that moves around in a circle. the center has a pile of rocks. Every time the little girl goes to the library she sees the same man sitting close to the pile of rocks.

One day her mother was busy asking the librarian about a book so the little girl decides to go sit on the rocks and stare at the man that was always there. After sitting on a few she found one that she liked sitting on. As she sat there singing a little song something in the rock moved. She then felt arms moving her off the rocks, then to see the man was the one moving her. He told her that the rocks were special and she shouldn't sit on them.

Ok that's the end of my dream.

So now you want to know what I ate before I went to bed, right?

Be safe...

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Miachelle said...

Hmmm...must have been the full moon? I dreamt last night that I gave birth to the cutest baby girl with gorgeous dark red hair. I was holding her, and she started giggling, like a 4-or 6-month-old infant. I was kind of flipped out that my newborn was giggling. Her hair was so pretty though.