Monday, August 20, 2007

By a Thread

Walker is over on his blog talking about the Thread of Life while I feel like I'm hanging on By a Thread! But I'm thanking the Lord almighty, Yes I am.

I feel like I watched a bullet fly by me. Right before last Christmas my older daughter broke up with her long time boy friend. She didn't take the break up well. I went through months of being worried about her.

Today I found out that her ex-b-friend was busted and will do many years behind bars. How many different ways can I thank God that my Child wasn't caught up in that mess? I'm sorry that another parent has to deal with a mess but I'm really happy that it's not me.

Small blessings are truly wonderful!

I can't stop sing "The Impression That I Get!"

Be safe...

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Miachelle said...

Things do happen for a reason. This is a great example, and we all exhale gratefully with you.

Walker said...

I agree with Miachelle, there is one path in life and many crossroads, you daughter took a turn for the best and has dodged a bullet that would have affected her whole life.
I wish her and you continued luck at the crossroads of life.