Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Friends Like Nuts...

This Squirrel thinks I'm nuts and thats why she likes me. I'm sure my neighbors see me as the picture of mental health while I'm outside talking to the squirrel.

Mommy Squirrel and I became friends over a bag of pecans. She likes them enough to come up to my patio door to ask for them. She gives my cat Sasha this look that says "You don't even want to miss with me cat".

I haven't got brave enough to feed the squirrel from my hand yet. When I get that close to Mommy Squirrel I always watch my fingers. She tried to eat through the lid to the buck I store the bird seed in. I don't want my fingers to look like that bucket.

So its the weekend. Hope all is well.
Go a little nuts and see if the squirrels follow you!

Be safe...


Vickie said...

Cute picture and there is something relaxing about feeding things that are not tame.

Take care and enjoy life.

Walker said...

HEY that squirrel looks familier.
I think she ws here last week digging up my garden to hide nuts.
I think if you hold the pecans with an open hand you would be safe.

Have a nice day

Jackal said...

Oh what a wonderful encounter... I wonder how it will develop.