Monday, June 04, 2007

Someone Find me a Press-On Tattoo

I need a Tattoo! Yes and a big nasty ass one too! I took Trinity to the pool and all I saw were Women with big tattoo's. Tattoo's that started on their backs that then snaked down their arms. Oh we will not get into legs.

So here I am Super Chick Mom with not one damn Tattoo. I must be a Puss. Well if I'm a puss so are the men that I saw at the pool. When I was young I thought my uncles anchor on his forearm was very scary. The Hula girl on the other arm was just stupid. At the pool I saw some shit I couldn't figure out and they were on women. I think I'm just going to stick with I'm a puss.

So if you find some cool Press-On Tattoo's please send them to me so I can stay in the club of Women. If I get kicked out I'll have to hang with the men also known as the club of Pussies.

Be safe...

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The Lone Beader said...

I don't have any tattoos either. And, I'm not a mom.... You could always get a henna one. They're not permanent, and they stay on for a long time.

Walker said...

I have a small one on my back :)
My Ex once told me she always wanted one and when i went for my last session she foundherself on a bed with her pants around her ancles and walked out 2 hours later with a hummingbird on her cheek lol

Teresa said...

I have one, but you don't need one to be cool. You rock no matter what.

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