Saturday, June 23, 2007

HA HA Funny

This last week I've been getting hit with spam about "Quitting Smoking"! I think that is so funny in some weird way. It right up there with getting Viagra spam.

Isn't that Duck cute? If it doesn't stop raining here in Texas I might end up with web feet.

Enjoy your weekend!

Be safe...

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Josh Lane said...

Been wondering how your quit-smoking thing has been going. Hope all is well!

Walker said...

I hope the non smoking is going good.
Hows the keeping the hands busy going :)

Teresa said...

I get those SPAM's for penis enlargement too. I have thought about sending them to some guys I know, but decided against it.

Walker said...

Happy Forth Of July :)

Paul Merrill said...

Hi Lora.

I finally did the post you recommended.

Hope you're able to stay dry!