Saturday, April 28, 2007

Are You Watching?

E Week reported that more Men watch videos on-line then Women! Hmmm Does this surprise anyone?

Not Me!

Hey it gets better! They also report that men use the internet for Fun while women use the internet for task or so studies show.

No Shit!

See this makes Evil Lori want to burn food and throw piles of dirty laundry in the trash so she can go watch Videos. Makes
Evil Lori want to write E Week and tell them that Women work 24/7 and Men are Jack-Offs!

I guess it's a good thing that I keep Evil Lori in a mason jar sitting on a shelf in the closet.

Be safe...

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A Bowl Of Stupid said...

I don't know ... I kinda like evil Lori. Does she come with horns and a pitchfork too? (which would be really cool ... well, if that were socially acceptable, of course).

Lora_3 said...

Shhhh.....Evil Lori doesn't like men that talk but she's enjoying the view! That's a damn nice looking back.

Be safe...

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Lori, thanks very much for the compliment; but actually, I must admit that I simply "photoshopped" my face on someone else's body - you just may not be able to tell since I'm facing the wrong way. ;)